Pressure Wrap

More than bleeding control!

Key Features


Easily applied pressure dressing for seasoned medics, first responders, or untrained civilians.

Less Tissue Damage

Soft, wide, and finely adjustable.


Works even when wet or soiled.

One size fits all

Works on adults, children, dogs, cats, rhinos, and chickens.


Light, compact, and flexible.


Good for bleeding, sprains, and contusions. Many non-medical uses as well.

Great for kids & pets!

Works on the smallest of limbs.

A multitool for your every day carry (EDC)

Knee Wrap

High limb lac wrap

Sleeve/glove gap snow blocker

Mummy in training

Antarctic demo

Wide Wrap for long laceration

Do you have an alternative use for the Slishman Pressure Wrap?
We would love to hear from you!

Victims are always their closest first responders, so easy self-application is critical.


The Slishman Pressure Wrap is very conforming and can be added to IFAKs, go-bags, backpacks, or larger first aid kits, and is useful in a wide range of environments, including tactical, civilian, marine and veterinary.

Comfort Matters

The optimal pressure for any bleeding control device is when bleeding stops, and nothing more. No pinching either.


The Slishman Pressure Wrap weighs only 1.2 oz, is 1.6″ wide, and fully stretched reaches ~10 feet. Wrap + case measures 6″ x 1.5″ x 2.5″ and weighs 2.7 oz.

Make the Slishman Pressure Wrap part of your EDC

The included pouch allows you to store band-aids,
gloves and other supplies to customize your mini first aid kit.

Have a Slishman Pressure Wrap handy in your kids’ backpacks, glove compartments, kitchen first aid kits and more.

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