Wraps in the Wild

The Slishman Pressure Wrap was built with bleeding control in mind. However, most won’t see a drop of blood. The vast majority of our wraps will find other uses.

Here are some shots of the Slishman Pressure wraps in use

Proximal limb application

Ideal for small limbs

Wide Wrap for long laceration

Head bump

Knee Wrap

AED Supplement

Buckle failure repair

Rotational stability for use with STS-C

Ankle wrap

Wrist immobilization with SAM Splint

High limb lac wrap

“Goose egg” prevention and/or treatment

Antarctic demo

Sleeve/glove gap snow blocker

Mummy in training

If you would like to share your uses for the Slishman Pressure Wrap or maybe just some nice shots, we would love to see them. Please email your images to info@pre-r.com, or upload here if you are a Gmail user.

Make the Slishman Pressure Wrap part of your EDC

The wrap comes with a pouch that allows you to store band-aids, gloves and other supplies to customize your mini first aid kit.