Instructions For Use

  1. Loop over injured limb & apply to injury (or simply wrap for entrapped limb).
  2. Cinch the red sleeve until snug.
  3. Use a wide wrap for long lacerations, or a narrow, tight wrap for more severe bleeding
    (between the injury and heart).
  4. Wrap the elastic all the way to the white label, then secure hooks to the elastic.
  5. Note application time on the white label.
  6. Adjust for pain minimization, while monitoring bleeding, pulses, sensation and motor function.
  7. Leave in place until definitive wound management can be accomplished ASAP.

*Do not apply to the neck.
**Also useful to protect wounds, stabilize extremities, or to hold splints in place.

How To Rewrap

Sometimes people practice with the Slishman Pressure Wrap, and then roll it back up starting from the lasso so the label is then facing out. That’s better advertising for the product, but not the best in prep for use.